Jesse's Hot Hit Hooks Vol​.​1 - Garage, Basement, and Dormroom Recordings (2011)

by Jesse Doig

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These recordings were made from my bedroom, various garages, basements, dormrooms, and studios in the years 1993 to 2009 using either a Zoom H4, a Fostex 4-track recorder, a ghettoblaster or two, a handheld sony walkman that records onto cassette, or an old kareoke machine tape recorder. They were cobbled together into tracks via various editing processes, most recently Windows Movie Maker ever since XP came out.

All of the songs I think are pretty good even though the recording quality and even musicianship quality sometimes blows. I highly recommend not listening to this with others.

nbts (not better than sex) was my first band. Jason Dagenais on guitar and vocals. Justin Dagenais on drums. I was bass and main vocals except for "Nature's Unknown" when Jason sang.


released January 1, 2011

-Jason and Justin Dagenais for nbts songs.
-Scotty Stixx for drums on "I Want to Sacrifice a Goat to Lindsay Lohan"
-Don McBain for writing some lyrics and helping on keyboards for "Kim Jong Il Baconator"



all rights reserved


Jesse Doig Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: 01 Until the End - nbts
Had a pleasant feelin when I woke up, under the hot hot sun... in the sand.
I remember last night and how wet it was. You looked at me and then you said:

"I warned you, give me your hand."
"I can't hear you. Take me to land." And so I did.

Had a pleasant feelin when I went down, under the hot hot sun... in the sand.
Today's the last day, but I'll be there.

You said you'd stay with me forever, you and me and the sun and the sand.
We'll be buried forever... until the end.
Track Name: 02 Can You See - nbts
Staring at candles.
Staring at your arrow.
Cut to the time when we were young.
We did a lot, we had some fun.
You went up and played.

To know you are my [?]
You know I can't [?]

You can't see it.
You can't see it.
Please tell me...


Can you wait another day?
Can we get outside?

You cannot stop [?]

Can you see?
Can you see?
Can you see [?]

Track Name: 04 Nature's Unknown - nbts
Looking down into yawning valley below.
The loose soil soaked through an hour ago.
Roots rip, I slip into the jungle screams of old,
And the unknown.

Caught my breathe on wet steps of stone.
Along the banks of a muddy croc's home.
I'm an animal, I'll be ripped to the bone,
In nature's unknown.

Got the feelin that there's no more bright sun.
My eyes are useless and I can't run.
No, don't send me, don't send me alone, to the devil below.

Chokin softly on the black mud above.
No more rotten mist and the fight of life to love.
Feel it scrape against your bloody, stumbly bones.
Feel it rip into your soul.

Feel it sink.
It'll go away.
It's gonna sink.
It'll go away.
It's just a crocodile.
It's just a crocodile.
It's a crocodile.
He's a crocodile.
Track Name: 05 Insane Mike - Jesse
Insane Mike the Klondike.
With his gun and his gold.
Insane Mike, the Klondike.
He stubbed his toe.
Insane Mike. Michael?
Inside his mind, Mike is insane.
Track Name: 06 Walt Disney is Dead - Jesse
Walt Disney is dead,
Walt Disney, all that's left is his head.
"Why is it so dark", said Disney to his...

Mickey is a blast, from the past. For a mouse.
Talk about Minnie.

This song goes on forever (3x)
Someday he'll come back to life,
He'll be a big robotron, creating Disney ducks because...

Mickey's frozen Walt Disney head.
Track Name: 07 Insane Mike - nbts
Insane Mike the Klondike.
With his gun and his gold.
Inside his mind, Mike is insane.

Inside his mind, Mike is insane.
Insane Mike the Klondike,
he loves his gun and his gold!
Track Name: 08 Islam - nbts
Where is Islam?
I went to this man.

Smoke creeps slowly in the distant sky.
Men come to me cuz they won't die.
I lick the wounds and heal their bones,
only they go back to release their souls.
Allah. Allah. Allah....

All we know, they know.
I know.

I saw Islam.
I went to this man.

Smoke creeps slowly in the distant sky.
Men come to me cuz they won't die.
I lick the wounds and heal their bones,
only they go back to release their souls.
Track Name: 09 Mary's Creature - Jesse
Mary's creature is dangerous. Mary's creature.
It'll get you outta your home, bite down, eat your bones.
It'll squeeze ya.

Mary's creature is bigger now. Getting out of control.
Real ugly, but he's big and strong.

Big and strong enough, you can't be strong enough,
For Mary's creature, Mary's creature's really hungry.
And you can't run from where Mary's creature's running to.

Mary's creature. Mary's creature's got my friend. Held her down.
Mary's creature. Mary's creature's got my friend. Held her down.
Just to look into her eyes.
Just to look into her blue eyes.
Held her down and
Squeezed her neck and
Crushed her bone.

Cuz Mary can, cuz Mary can,
I guess Mary can't kill it no.
Track Name: 10 Little Kid - Jesse
It's time.
It's time again.
It's been time.

Time to break out of the earth and grow up to the sky.
Open your bud.

Little flower. It's so....
when planted in the ground.
And the wind, it blows through.
Still in the ground.

They'll call you a weed,
but I can see your flower.

Little girl.
I see your eyes lookin at the sky.
Your roots are planted in the ground.
Even though you are my friend, that my reasoning is unsound.

When the weather gets windy.
Track Name: 11 Mary's Creature - nbts
Mary's creature is dangerous.
Well, uh, it'll get you outta your hole, bite down, eat your bone.
Mary's little creature, ain't got a home.

Mary's creature has got my friend
Held her down to look into her eyes,
Well, it squeezed her neck and it, crushed her little bone.
Mary's little creature ain't coming home.

It's a long way to go, when you're without a home.
Mary can't, Mary can and she won't.

Mary's creature is in town.
In fact, it's right behind you, now,
well, get outta the way,
Before he bites down.

Mary's little creature, run into the ground.
Track Name: 12 Dinosaurs In the Sky - nbts
Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs in the sky.
See them soar. Miles wide. Way up high.

Dinosaurs. In the sky.

See them flying in sky?
Never see them cuz they fly so high.
In the day, in the blue sky.
Glowing hot in the night.
Track Name: 13 Bit of Lounge - nbts
Last night, you looked into my eyes.
You looked at me as if to say, "You're hypnotized!"
Then she said;

"I can crush you.
Like a coconut between my thighs, my thighs, my thighs, my thighs, my thighs.
I can eat half a cow in one sitting, don't you know, sweety-pie!'

Find a happy place. With rainbows and clouds.
Gee, get away from me you crazy estrogen/testosterone woman.
But she tackled me in the surf.
Track Name: 14 Amalama Caye, Belize - nbts
Seated in an aeroplane,
Cruisin comfortable 5000 feet.
I asked the captain to share some alcohol.
Ten minutes I'll be speaking drunkenese.
Yabba dabba habba hey
Yabba dabba hey, woowee!

We landed three hours later.
I'm glad I sobered up eventually.
I've got a job to do, so here I am,
in Amalama Caye, Belize.
Amalama Caye, Belize!

Later, I asked an old man,
I said "hey man, you gotta know where it be.
Every little town near here with leafy green,
Cuz I got, I got, I got Ama Caye disease"
Amalama Caye disease.
Amalama Caye, disease!"

Amalama Caye disease?
Track Name: 15 Chain Link Love - Jesse
I'm a man, I can make you free.

It's the only way.
My chain link love!
I used to read your pages and rip them out too.

Now I sit and stare.
At your picture hanging on my wall.
I thank the system
for their battle call.

Oh, what a beauty.
It's gone so you'll be with me.

Chain link lover.
Let me drown you please.
Chain link lover of mine.
My chain link love?
I used to read your pages and rip them out too.
My chain link love.
Track Name: 16 A Red Paper - Jesse
Everything is all weird.
I can make people go away, if I think clear.
This is weird, I'm totally psychic tonight.
Makin em go away.
I just want to run away.

It's getting, it's getting, a little hectic out here, out here.
Gonna go outside. Get some clean air.

And I will play.

Listen to soft music and then turn out the light.
Hey, why did it seem that before,
you wanted to give me, to look at me, like a God, and then dirt?

I went home with you cuz I couldn't handle myself.
You took me home, we fooled around.
Classical music is different this time.
But I'm goin out of my mind.
Eight hours is too much for me to find,
all the answers and write em down,
on a little paper.
How come you got to be givin me around?

Track Name: 17 Kim Jong Il Baconator - Doig and McBain
That sounded really good. You know.
Let me tell you what it is.
It's the, whoa, it's set on Techno/house on A4.
The cutoff is at 6.
The resonance is at 7.
The attack is on 5.
The e.q. release is on 4? 4.
The tempo is cranked, yeah.
And I'm pressin: A. D. then E.
And then other ones, that I accidentally pressed....

Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong Il is a man, well a totalitarian,
Communist country.
Yeah, Kim Jong Il.

One morning,
One morning, Kim Jong Il looked up at his face in the mirror,
and said to himself (thought to himself),
"My dad's book is on every shelf.
My dad's book is on every shelf!
That's right, my name is Kim Jong Il.
My dad's the best.
Then he died.
And then I became the next leader of this total totalitarian regime,
this communist country, in northern Korea, yeah.
Whoa, whoa, yeah. Run it Kim Jong Il. Whoops.
My name is Kim. What is it?
What is my name? What is my name?
What is my name? What is my name?
What is my name? What is my name?
My name is Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il.
Kin Jong Eeeeel.

And I play guitar.
I learned from Eddie Van Halen.
From Eddie Van Halen.
Had him shipped to the Korea.
Taught me how to play guitar.
To Kim Jong Il!

The people expect only best from their leader Kim Jong Il.
'We wants', they say in unison, 'we wants our leader to play guitar well.'
Kim Jong Il, yeah. Kim Jong Il can play guitar well.
Kim Jong Il can play guitar well.
Kim Jong Il can play guitar well.
Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il."
Play it, Kim Jong!

Jong Il.
He ate a piece of eel.
He had, he took an eel sandwich.
Made by the communist party chef,
whose family got shot, but he still works for them.
For Kim Jong Il.

I should see if this is recording. And it is.

I bet Kim Jong Il could eat my, could eat my-y Baconators.
Baconator, my friend.
My friend, yeah, I tell you man.

No, he can't get one of those.
He spends all his time all alone.
He plays electronic guitar through the phone.
Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il.
You know will.

This song it reached #1 in North Korea.
#1 in North Korea.
This album sold so many albums in North Korea.
And I can see why!

Cuz this song really rocks!
And no one's ever heard of rock and roll before.
They've never heard of Alan Vega.
Or the Bangles.
Or the Beatles.
Or even, Ozzie had said, that Kim Jong Il was, the mad. "He's Crazy!"

Kim Jong Il, crazy dictator.
Kim Jong Il, he's a crazy dictator.
Kim Jong Il as an educator.
Do not be an agitator.
Kim Jong Il is no Baconator.
Kim Jong Il is no Baconator.
Kim Jong Il is a masturbator.
Kim Jong Il is no Baconator.
Kim Jong Il has an alligator,
but he still ain't no Baconator.
No, he's no Baconator.
Kim Jong Il is no Baconator.
Don't stop a-rockin North Korea.
Don't stop rockin! Don't stop rockin' North Korea, good night!
Yeahow! Yeah he he he how!

Good night! Oh, wait, I already said that, I'll just keep playing....
Track Name: 18 I Want to Sacrifice a Goat to Lindsey Lohan - Jesse and Scotty
I watched Lindsey Lohan on Saturday Night Live. I...
Lindsey Lohan! And now I am crazy.
I will stalk Lindsey Lohan.
I will stalk Lindsey Lo... I will sacrifice a goat to Lindsey Lohan.

I want to sacrifice a goat to, a goat to Lindsey Lohan.
I want to sacrifice a goat to Lindsey Lohan.
I walked by ah Lindsey Lohan.
I have killed animals and things.
Destroyed for Lindsey Lohan with their blood, blood, blood.

I decided by sacrilent to Lindsey Lohan.
It was a trip.
I picked up a pitchfork and then killed them more than elo and tried.[?]
I took the words that orget,[?]
all over the pictures kinda pointing I've been in this work pent up in me

Lindsey Lohan's breasts get larger every time I kill someone else and put the blood on the shrine.
Lindsey Lohan gets better-looking when I kill. I kill.
Lindsey Lohan's plate will take turns someday to hike.(?)
Then I will have her mounted.
I will be mounted forever.
We will both be dead and stuffed and mounted in any sexual pose,
my corpse and then (?)
taxidermied human corpse
for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and even (?)
insane I'd want to hike (?)
these birds that Lindsey Lohan stepped on.
I snorged soil that Lindsey Lohan walked upon.
We are the monks that follow the church of e... Lindsey Lohan.

(Evil choir)

Once, I had left my head and I was tripping out on acid
and then turned into a werewolf.
I killed them. I killed 3. Then 5. Then 9? 9.
Then 17 people died.
Their mangles corpses were found by the authority.
The next morning I woke up.
In a field, naked and covered in fur, in a field.
And I couldn't remember anything but I was full and I felt great!
I turned into werewolf that night and now I am back and feel good.
And it's quite insane how many people I killed and I see I see there...

In my dreams, I remember my dreams.
But it's really the reality of ripping people into pieces like a grizzly bear and oh....
I killed... thousands people on God's face,
to the creature that had wandered
around the robots...
I ooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
Check check 1 2
Check 1 2 1 2 1 2
Check 1 2 1 2
Check Check 2
oh Check check check, check. check.
Track Name: 19 In the Belly of a Whale - Jesse
Oh, I'm in the belly of a whale in a giant, old seaship.
I play cards with my crewmates and the skeletons sit.
We are in the stomach's belly til we die and I'm
playing poker with the devil in the opposite chair.

Oh-oh. Oh.

Sometimes in the middle of night in the community in the whale's stomach,
The fight breaks out at the local bar and they call the firemen.
And they all, quiet please, the Christmas choir sings along in the night.
Tee tum tee tum tee dum tee tum tee dum.

Just like Pinnochio, but he didn't have to see
Mermaids and things like that in there.
There were ghosts and goblins and evil dudes,
Pirate's eyepatches and like cartoons.
But if you you ever turned your back on one of them,
Fa la la.
They'd find you floating in the seaweed pond.

Yes. La la dee da, dee da, dee da, dee da, ....